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Birthdate:Apr 13
Location:Illinois, United States of America
zombres: n.
A combination of the French word for shadows (ombres)
and the name for the undead (zombies).
The two could share an etymological root.

angie b
Fangirl. Cinemaphile. Bibliophile. Writer. Feminist. MSTie. Buddhist. Librarian. The Doctor's plus one. Browncoat. Ravenclaw. Zombologist. Trekkie. IS LIKE SO DEADLY SHE'S THE BEES KNEES. A prostitute robot from the future. A Hugging Hatter Ho. Squint. Loves hobbits. Pokes badgers with spoons. Waterbender. Metallicar enthusiast. Co-founding member of the Taco Bell Gang. Speaks francais (sort of). World traveler. Spent five months studying in New Zealand.

So much ♥ to [personal profile] totallybalanced for the info box.
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